Jane Keith Harlequin Hanging sketch panel development panel.  Hand painted on wool
Jane Keith 'Fields of Colour' 2019 work in progress.  Hand painted on 100%wool.  95cm x 95cm
Jane Keith sketch ideas for fields of colour wallhanging - oil pastel and collage
Jane Keith acid dye print on wool

'Fields of Colour' 2019

This hand painted wallhanging is inspired by fields and boundaries in Fife.

Initial sketches are created in small oil pastels (often on location or developed with photographs) and then worked up into larger samples. Through sampling and experimentation on the print table, balance of composition, pattern and colour all play a key role.

The process is slow and steady, through building up layers upon layers of colour onto a base cloth. The composition is mapped out, using thread, and chalk before hand painting the first layer of colour in place. The dye needs to dry in between each layer, before another can be applied. The fabric then gets lifted, steamed and washed before being put back down on the table for another layer of colour and pattern to be applied. This process may be repeated 3 or 4 times before the hanging is completed.

Jane Keith Field of Colour wallhanging.  Hand painted and printed wool
Jane Keith Colour Block grid 100% wool 840mm x840mm x 45mm stretched panel
Jane Keith - mixing up acid dyes
Jane Keith 'Harlequin Hanging' - wool Wall hanging
Jane Keith 'On Trails'  2019 Hand printed and painted silk wallhanging. 840mm x 840mm silk tasar.  Size in Glazed frame 980mm x 980mm