Small scale batch production

I produce small batch produced printed textiles. All pieces are hand printed by myself in my studio, using the highest quality silk, lambswool, and cashmere.
Jane Keith lifting fabric from the table once it has been painted
Wether it is a limited edition batch of hand painted silk ties, a screen printed cashmere scarf, or a hand painted and printed large wall hanging, each piece is unique. I an involved at every stage of the 'colouring' and 'printing' process, mixing up the dyes and applying this to the fabric. 

The base fabrics I use are all carefully chosen with sustainability and ethical making at the forefront. I use UK suppliers and source materials carefully who champion sustainability, are ethical and transparent in their manufacturing processes. The cashmere I use is manufactured in mills in Ayrshire and the Highlands of Scotland. Silk is sourced from a leading UK supplier, who only supply the finest quality silks from ethical weavers. 

I use UK manufacturers for all JKD products and stand my belief that all of my production will remain in the UK, and is held as a core business value.

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