Yellow and red printed anogora wool scarf

Colour Block hand printed Angora Wool scarf - Staffa 12 menswear

Jane Keith Designs

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This beautiful Angora Wool scarf is made from a special blend of 75% superfine Lambswool and 25% Angora.  It provide exceptional warmth without feeling too heavy. Finished with purled fringes, the ultra-fine fibres create a beautiful soft handle, with the Angora offering a unique surface texture. 

'Colour Block' scarves are hand printed and and individually composed on one side of the scarf.  The scarves are designed so when loosely wrapped around the neck  the blocks of colour contrast with one another. They can be tied and shaped to suit every occassion.

- each scarf is unique

- hand printed by Jane Keith 

- 160cm x 30cm (Silver)

- woven in Scotland

- hand wash cold